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Here’s a glimpse into the kinds of trips I like to plan and the places I like to go. I hope it inspires you to explore new and exciting places, reconnect with special people and make memories that last forever!

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!

A Taste Of Italy

Food, wine, art, culture, spectacular scenery… Tuscany has it all!

Tuscany is a wealth of historic treasures considered one-of-a-kind worldwide: the region is full of art cities and little picturesque villages with a huge cultural heritage, but is also extraordinary because of its fascinating landscape, with its bucolic countryside and rolling hills. Not to mention its amazing islands and coastal areas, its protected parks and, last but not least, its food, simple with authentic flavors, and its wines, ranked among the best in the world: to put it simply, there are really many reasons to visit Tuscany.

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What is it about Thailand that makes it a major tourist destination? It could be the world famous mouth-watering cuisine, the exotic culture with its magnificent temples and palaces, the spectacular scenery which includes the multitude of pristine white sand beaches and turquoise seas, majestic mountains, fast flowing rivers wending their way through jungles or its long history and interesting archaeological sites all to be found on Thailand tours.

Perhaps it’s the friendly welcome from the Thai people. Thailand is often called the land of smiles and rightly so. The people will make an impression on you with their gentleness and polite, respectful approach. Perhaps this involves the major religion here, Buddhism which is all pervasive. Avery revered person is the King of Thailand and that is why the country is called the Kingdom of Thailand with its constitutional monarchy.

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The land of smiles


Set sail on the journey of a lifetime on a multi-day Alaska cruise. This elegant and relaxing option for travel is among the most preferred for travelers to Alaska, especially for their first trip. Cruise ships offer convenience, a wide range of services, and the ultimate in relaxation. Cruisers unpack once and get to visit multiple communities and national parks without hauling bags around or dealing with logistics.

Along the way, Alaska cruise passengers are offered a dizzying range of tour options in port cities. These range from rail excursions to zip-line tours to wildlife viewing or sportfishing. Many ships visit marine wonderlands like Glacier Bay National Park and Prince William Sound, where guests watch glaciers “calve” into the ocean in dramatic geologic displays.

Our favorite way to see Alaska is by both land and sea! Adding 3-4 land days either before or after your cruise gives travelers an opportunity to explore inland including the great Denali National Park and Mt McKinley.

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Cruise, Tour plus more!

European River Cruise & Land Tour  

On a European river cruise, you’ll say goodbye to your standard routine and hello to outdoor activity, fine dining and relaxation. Our goal is to match you to a luxurious but affordable vacation experience that is both comforting and adventurous.

When you’re not touring a destination, you’ll be enjoying the many amenities offered on the ship, as well as breathtaking views from the Sun Deck. With a smaller number of passengers on board, you’ll have more time to enjoy the amenities in a more personal way.

This suggested itinerary includes the best of both worlds, combining 9-nights exploring Europe’s most romantic cities with a 7-night relaxing cruise along the Rhine River. Visit Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg, the Swiss Alps and finally Lake Como, Italy on this once-in-a-lifetime tour!

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In search of wine and castles

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