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Are you ready to turn your wanderlust into a fulfilling career? Join our dynamic team of aspiring travel advisors and embark on an exciting journey of exploration, adventure, and opportunity! As an independent contractor, you'll have the freedom to curate extraordinary travel experiences from the comfort of your own virtual workspace, wherever that may be. The role of a travel advisor is incredibly rewarding, offering a chance to craft dream getaways that leave lasting memories for clients. However, let's be upfront – it's not all sunshine and palm trees. Building a successful travel advising career takes dedication, patience, and time. You'll be diving into a world where hard work is key, and where your efforts today lay the foundation for tomorrow's triumphs. So, if you're ready to channel your passion, embrace the challenge, and create unforgettable journeys for others, then we invite you to be part of our vibrant team. Let's make travel dreams come true, one itinerary at a time! 

“This business isn't about selling travel or booking transactions, it's about building lasting relationships.”

- Brenda Ajay, Founder of Allegro Luxury Vacations & Magic Family Travel

Hi there, I’m Brenda Ajay

Founder of Allegro Luxury Vacations & Magic Family Travel

Becoming a travel advisor was a natural evolution for me, sparked by my background in the restaurant business, where I worked alongside my family in our beloved restaurant. It was there that I discovered my innate love for working closely with people and fulfilling their desires, which quickly grew into a passion for helping individuals achieve their dreams. As someone who thrives on creating memorable experiences, I found that the joy I felt in the restaurant industry could be seamlessly translated into the world of travel. The allure of becoming a travel advisor was magnified by the freedom to work from anywhere, a prospect that perfectly suits my desire to blend my professional life with the flexibility to be present for my family. My natural curiosity and genuine enthusiasm for exploring new places and forging connections with diverse cultures further drive my commitment to this role. With a strong sense of self-motivation and determination instilled in me, I eagerly embrace the opportunity to craft unforgettable journeys for others, transforming wanderlust into tangible, cherished memories.

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This opportunity is perfect if:

This is not a good for you if:

Are self motivated

Are able to train at your own pace

Are patient, your business takes time to build

Are able work as a 1099 independent contractor

Are willing to set your own hours

You're looking for a home based business with low start up cost

Are willing to work at building your business every day

Aren't looking to replace a full-time income, at least not at first

You're comfortable using social media

You are a creative thinker

You understand travel advisors don't travel for free


If you think you expect to earn a lot of money quickly

If you think travel advisors travel for free

If you are not good at problem solving

If you think your job is done when you book a client's trip

If you get frustrated easily

If you don't like to research

If you aren't available evenings, weekends, and times when your clients are traveling

If you think travel advisors just "sell" travel

What you need

A computer or laptop, cell phone, and small workspace

E & O Insurance (read more about that in our agreement)

You must be based anywhere in the United States

Another source of income, at least at first. 

Patience, I can not stress that enough. This is not a get rich quick business.


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If you are interested in pursuing your dream of becoming a travel advisor, schedule a time to speak with Brenda to learn about the next steps