Air travel is one of the most convenient and popular modes of transportation, but it can be a source of stress when you experience flight delays and cancelations. Understanding the difference between controllable and uncontrollable flight cancelations and delays is the first step in managing your expectations and planning accordingly. Airlines will do their best […]


December 29, 2022

Flight delays and cancelations – know your rights

Is vacation high on your list of priorities now? You are not alone. In a recent survey, Harvest Hosts discovered that sixty percent of those studied plan to travel more than they did in 2019 before the pandemic began. The difference is that their priorities and values have changed. Today’s travelers are embracing slow travel, […]

Sustainable Travel

June 22, 2021

Less is more. 8 ways slow travel will change your life, for good!

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Allegro is a musical term meaning lively tempo, to sound happy and merry.

We design luxury vacations that bring happiness to your life. Whether you seek adventure, want to explore art, food and culture, or just need some rest and relaxation, our vacations are uniquely tailored to suit your personal taste.

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